Close window and refresh yourself

Contrary to normal custom window to let fresh air of the morning to the house during the warm season, most times we have to close windows to not leave them home in a glow that year since nature prepares for us every summer. It is obvious to everyone that weather changes are more acute in the last ten years, causing much discomfort. Periods in which we have to endure temperatures seem not to fit in thermometers are also prolonged and repeated at least twice a season so craving a little rain and cooling of the furnace town where we are prisoners. Another reason for our homes temperature rises to unbearable values especially during the nights they go right through the rain and excessive humidity of the air, is that our homes are insulated with a heat rejection system performance. Thus the first to receive the full support and heat of summer are exterior walls, which then gives all the heat accumulated inside the house. Follow the windows, that even if the new generation with glass doors and windows, but no shading system consists of roller shutters, and allow them the space glazing penetration of enough heat to raise the interior temperature and more. However we have a chance could carry on living conditions of civilized life and especially relaxing especially at night when to rest. This can be done, even if you’re not agree, by closing windows and turning on an air conditioner that will really cool house. Even if you ever hear among neighbors, acquaintances or colleagues, the use of such conditioning is harmful to the health system, must first have all the information before deciding just heard that quite. If you are a person somewhat sensitive to cold air really is possible that such an air conditioner, installed and used mainly to improperly can cause temporary discomfort of health, meaning the possibility belong to colds, which in suprtat really are harder in the summer. You do not have generalized this idea, because in most cases discomfort of cold air is only because of overuse and misuse of these air conditioning. First you need a professional technician to ceriti advice in mounting the air conditioning system, in order not to expose the free flow of cold air from the internal drive especially when you sleep. Location of an air conditioner in the bedroom must be done carefully and any precautions if you think you have problems with cold air. You can install an air deflection plate that leaves the internal unit for it to be directed to the room and not directly toward the ceiling to the middle or lower. Moreover, an air conditioned bedroom will be sized correctly, without any idea that can supradimenionare in cool and another the next room. It is a common mistake that is made in the idea of a single system installation air conditioning for two rooms. It makes no sense to expose in this way, because the room will be installed which will be really cold, with temperature and will not be just the right one. Try to install one air conditioner for each room, correctly sized, even if you have to allocate a slightly larger budget, but the benefits will be exactly as you want.


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